Black Tuesday Part 2.

My plan to skate to the next two breweries had quickly faded with the sun. Given the time and amount I would have to drink to get some adequate material, it made more sense to not push myself. However, the fresh pack of friends I met at The Bruery insisted that we make it to Noble by any means necessary to get more writing material! They also had growlers to fill and it was on the way to the train station, so grabbing one to four more beers made sense. 

My first impression of Noble was that it was easily the most ingenious place that a brewery or bar could be located. In the direct vicinity of two major sports venues, a mass transit system, and set in an industrial complex that seemed to have popped up spontaneously, the potential for interesting foot traffic couldn't have been higher. Along with its reputation for top-notch IPA's, it made sense why flocks of Anaheim Ducks fans were packing this brewery to the gills before a game rather than nearby pubs and chain restaurants. In this sea of orange were my two new friends, who had just come from a corporate meeting prior, and me, looking like a seventh grade English student with my backpack loaded to the brim. I looked around and chuckled at being THAT guy in the bar.

As the game started and the crowd thinned out, the energy transitioned to a mellow "Sit back, and put your feet up." We sipped our Yoga Pantz and Nose Candies over discussions about the paths we take in life, and all concluding that the events that occur while traveling are much more enjoyable than reaching the destination. Yes, it's a widely known fact, but few people move slow enough to fully grasp the phrase. These guys did, and despite reaching the peak, I could tell they're not ready to stop yet. Coming across these types never gets old.

With the train soon to arrive, I finished my beer, said my goodbyes, inhaled a delicious spicy tuna roll from the sushi truck lurking outside*, and Über-ed back to the station. I realized on that bench in clear view of The Halo why I set these lofty drinking goals on trips only to keep falling short... It gives me reason to come back.

*Sushi trucks should always be treated with care. Even the prettiest looking, Panko smelling, Ahí offering, Wasabi slinging truck carries some level of sketch. 

Tim Maher