Beer Fashion: Sellout Shirt Swap!

I like to think that I have gained at least a pinch of fashion sense over the course of my still-in-progress spirit journey. And for the last several years I've lived by two rules:

1: Logos are wack.

2: You can't beat a recycled (vintage to the hip folk out there) shirt, jacket, or pair of jeans.

Bonus rule: If you surf and wear this, you're also wack and you can't taste good.

That being said, I found it tantalizing that Arrogant Bastard (the brewery who got 805'd by Stone) rolled out their new "Unworthy Beer T-shirt Amnesty Month" program. Where, for the month of November, you can send in the old threads you purchased from X brewery who decided to sell to a larger corporation and, if you include 10$ plus 5$ shipping, you will get a shiny new shirt from Arrogant Bastard! Don't take it from me though, gaze upon thy words yourself straight from the sassy gargoyle's mouth!

Where will they donate your old beer shirts? A children's shelter? How will you best rep your new brand, which is pretty much the equivalent of a sell-out? If you have to pay your spendin' cash to donate a shirt in exchange for a new shirt, is it really a donation?

Photo Cred: Arrogant Bastard via

Tim Maher