Study: Alcohol Needs Dangerous Labeling!

Risk! It's what makes life worth living according to some people. When the idea is brought up in conversation, it is often commonly associated with extreme highs and lows. Sky diving out of that plane. Scuba diving down to that underwater cave. Double down diving on that bad hand in Black Jack when you're riding a steaming hot heater. High diving into that deep end even though you can't swim but it's part of a secret plan you've hatched to put the moves on the lifeguard. Lotion. Oiling. Oiling. Lotion. Smiling. 

You know, risk!

Then there's calculated risk. Which can make life worth savoring according to some people. Often associated with sensory stimulations, nominal highs and lows, and noticeable effects that are far off in the distance, this is the type of risk we grapple with regularly. Enjoying that smokey, luscious stogie from some far off island in the tropics. Eating that whole Halloween haul the night of. Not brushing your teeth afterwards either. Happy hour-ing with friends on the reg. Habits that you know may bite reeeeeeeally far down the road, but carry some positive sensation that can be corralled and relished or have some alternative pro attached, but can be flipped to the STOP setting if you reeeeeeeally wanted to do so. You know, life! I mean, risk! 

Now that delectably decadent risk may be at risk...

After the National Addiction Centre in New Zealand completed a case study on the daily safe limits of alcohol consumption and found it to be much lower than previously assumed, they recommended that all alcohol products get the tobacco treatment and require cautionary signage on the labels. 

Will cool beverages like craft beer get even cooler with your cool bartender informing you that with every beer you chug, any number of minutes will be shaved off your hip soul? Will this potential new regulation spread to The States and beyond? One can only hope!

I guess the subtle pull of keeping legal age limits at 21 only does so much nowadays. Booze needs help! And teasing conscious, curious minds into enjoying risky vices through more alluringeye catching, labels that entice you to enquire further...

Would you take the risk??


Tim Maher