Charity: Beer Behemoth Will Buy You A Beer! (In Philadelphia...)

It is mid-afternoon on National Call-In Sick Day and I am hungover. Not in the traditional sense though, t'was a food coma that did me in this year (sincerest apologies to all of you loyal BLT enthusiasts who enjoy the spectacle that is Tour Guide Numero Uno sloshballing his way to a .274 batting average). Those fully-loaded nachos and pesto toast points could not stop me from being an American! There were Büds cracked. Scant amounts compared to previous years, but cracked nonetheless.

Yes, this "connoisseur" drinks Bood Lyte. They too, have a time and a place to be consumed. Scant times and scant places, but times and places nonetheless.

Philly will soon be one of those places. They won The Bowl. Good for them. Apparently though, a wager went down several months ago that will net every man, woman, and child over 21 years of age one beer during the celebration parade. 

A noble gesture from The King Of Beers? Yes! A smart gesture? Ehh.

A few thousand beers is nothing for ABInBev, but the nerves have to be building. I can feel it on the other side of the country. Free beers in a city notorious for booing Santa, climbing poles, and punching horses? How much sweat would you be wiping off your brow? Large or scant amounts?


Tim Maher