Sold: Most Expensive Scotch Ever!

Wha? What’s that? It’s so bright! (Hiiiiiisssssss) I forgot what sunshine does to the skin and the eyeballs when you step out of the cave for the first time in weeks. It shocks! It awes! It confuses! Hurts so good on my ghostly skin it does! As I scour the ground for aloe vera, the tin can phone that connects the outside world to my lair buzzes. What faint whispers of news are coming from the cave over the ridge? Lo! It is the word of the upper upper one percent!

In merry old Scotland, BBC reports that the most expensive bottle of whisky has recently been sold at auction. The price tag? A meager 848,000 British pounds (or a hair above 1.07 million greenbacks) for a 1926 Macallan Valerio Adami Scotch.

As I seat myself into my whisky-sipping, cave-dwelling demographic position, I can’t help but wonder if we’re finally witnessing a fantastic shark-jumping moment.

What goes into a whisky this expensive??

Did they jerry rig a Countach to power the stills??

Were real flakes of precious metals added to the batch?? Just like Goldschläger??

Turns out, only a teeny batch was made way back in 1926 which was left to sit and age for sixty years before it was bottled. Macallan then commissioned pop artists Peter Blake and Valerio Adami to design twelve labels each, for a grand total of twenty-four bottles in circulation. The Valerio set of twelve is considered to be the rarest of the two because they are not all accounted for, with one supposedly being opened and consumed, and one destroyed in an earthquake in Japan back in 2011. This specific bottle also included a specially-made cabinet so you can display it proudly, and separately from your home bar…

Soooo, just a regular old case of scarcity and hype?

Back to the cave I guess. Hopefully the stash has become a gold mine in my absence.

Tim Maher