Top 4: Concealed Containers.

It's January, so it's officially time to call it, 2018 is the year of the container. Figuratively, we as a society of real life stable geniuses have had time to ingest a whole bunch of crazy, and now we can take the necessary measures to corral that crazy into a more sensible and prosperous collective. Literally, we're going to appreciate cups more. Big cups. Little cups. Metal cups. Plastic cups... Eh, less plastic cups. Pong and flip cup don't have that same twinkle they once had. It's time to come back to civility, manners, efficiency, and clever convenience, with a touch of mystique. Is that water I'm drinking? Beer? Some random cocktail made up on the spot? Wouldn't you like to know!

Sea To Summit X-Mug 

We've all been in that situation where we're at a party, huddled around a campfire, or drinking by ourselves with the shades drawn like a hermit, and our cup runneth down to a few solitary drops. There you are... Naked. Confused. Thirsty. Only one good hand available because the other is occupied with your drinking vessel. What do you do? Throw it away? Nay! Give it a rinse and slide it into your pocket! The flexible silicon side panels fold down from a respectable 3 inches to a teeny tiny 0.5 inches, or just a little taller than whatever smartphone you have. Concealed in no time! Keep your cup en route to the next party, fit it easily in your travel bag, or put it in your pocket real quick because you have people coming over. The drinking possibilities are boundless! It also has the Bobby Boucher seal of approval.

Ideal For: Any situation requiring a plastic disposable cup because they're passé and environmentally unfriendly remember???

Hydroflask Growler 

Hydroflask are the some of the OG's who helped reinvigorate the usefulness of the canteen. Their insulated regular and jumbo thermoses keep those hot beverages hot, and the cold stuff cold for even longer than you thought possible. Even though you probably won't get the branded growler hook up if you fill'er up at your local brewery, you can rest easy knowing that it will help retain the freshness of said beer better than a generic glass canister. And just like a traditional canteen, these suckers are non-transparent and UV-proof, so most alcohol won't oxidize for a while. Perfect for those long, eventful days or nights. A marathoner's container you might say... And not the running kind.

Ideal For: A picnic in a public space where being seen with a bottle of booze would normally be frowned upon. 

Bota Bag

There's a reason why the waterskin design has been around for thousands of years, they work like a charm. As technology improved over time, the animal bladders traditionally used to store water, wine, and other beverages progressed into leather pouches to provide more insulation and less... bladder-y flavors in your beverage. With volume typically starting at 1 liter and greater, whole wine bottles will have no problem getting into one of these bags and resting comfortably around your shoulder. Assuming you are going to be using this container as it was intended (strolling through a grove, orchard, field, or a coniferous area of equal or lesser value), limiting its contents to water and wine would be best. You don't want a bota bag all with pent up carbonation and residual body heat because you were sloshing around beer for miles and miles. 

Ideal For: The countryside. Vineyards. Redwood forests. Large public gatherings, so long as you are also equipped with a black beret and a half-spent Virginia Slim.

Stanley Adventure Flask

THERE IS NOTHING SEXIER THAN WHIPPING THIS TIMELESS CLASSIC OUT OF YOUR COAT POCKET FOR A SLY POWER SWIG! That being said, not many coats have interior pockets. And coats that have interior pockets AND can easily accommodate traditional, wide-format flasks are better suited for chilly times of the year. I like drinking during all times of the year. Which makes the Stanley Adventure Flask all the more valuable. With its thin, rectangular (some might say smartphone-esque) shape and nondescript tones, the only way someone will catch it hanging out in your back pocket is if you catch them staring at your butt. Weighing in at a healthy twelve ounces, you Shirley will have enough firepower to keep yourself entertained, or enough to accelerate the party for you and seven of your closest confidants. 

Ideal For: When you have little to no room in your bag on that day trip in the woods and/or enduring a gathering with shitty drink options without being rude.

Tim Maher