Does Your Representative Trickle Down Locally? Possibly!

Hot damn, are you ready to go back in time America? What's that? You have some concerns about the trip and want to investigate it some more? Too late! We've already hit the road, flared out like Thelma & Louise!

As we discuss the potential height of the cliff, there is an increasingly certain chance that we will be grifted, sorry, gifted a monumental new, trickle down style tax bill complete with less money for us blue collar folk, more money for them white collar white folks, sorry, white fucks, and all sorts of scribbled last minute additions like tax breaks for craft breweries. Wait, craft breweries? 

Included in the new overhaul is the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRM for all those abbreviation loving ladies and fellas out there), which would cut the current excise tax by up to 50% for brewers churning out less than 2 million barrels per year annually. The theory behind it? It would add approximately 300+ million dollars of revenue to the pockets of small business owners, in this case brewers and brewery owners, to create more jobs and opportunities (also, in theory). 

A trickle down double whammy!

Craft breweries have been typically viewed as progressive, artistic, blue collar beacons for local communities to put aside their affiliations and come together for the common goal of throwing a few back. However, having Uncle Sam free up some cash for you with the elbow nudge confidence that you'll be "using it for job creation" is a tricky moral situation. 

What do I usually do with some free money you ask? I don't know because I ain't got none, but spending it on numero uno sounds pretty tantalizing!

Photo provided by The Atlantic

Tim Maher