How To: Help With The Thomas Fire.

There's a soft spot for the 805 here at Bar Line Tours. So many wonderful academic memories, life milestones, and epic surfs went down in the American Riviera oh so many moons ago. And drinks. Ohhhhhh the amount of beers and wines that have been savored in the streets of downtown Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Isla Vista. Yes, silver bullets still get consumed en masse from time to time.

All these memories make the terrible Thomas Fire all the more heartbreaking. At the time of this posting, reports have the fire around 60% contained, with 425 square miles burned from Ventura to Santa Barbara, 750 homes destroyed, with sporadic sundowner winds set to continue through the end of the week. In other words, the situation is still ongoing. The coastal folk up there are resilient, but in a town that relies heavily on tourism, things are going to take a while to recover when the last of the embers are finally quashed.

How can you help out? Donate! How can you help out even more? Shit, go up there and volunteer!

How can you continue to help when life has returned to normal for everyone? Drink exclusively from the area for a while! We've provided some helpful links and beverage recommendations for you below, so drink up for the 805!

Santa Barbara Food Bank

Ventura/Santa Barbara United Way & American Red Cross 

Santa Barbara Vintners Foundation

Made West Brewing Company

Topa Topa Brewing Company

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company

Telegraph Brewing Company

Santa Barbara Winery

Hitching Post Wines

Meville Estate Winery

Flying Goat Cellars

Or be adventurous and try a bottle from someone new.

Photo Cred Marcus Yam & The L.A. Times.

Tim Maher