Spillover: Golden Road To The Platinum Triangle.

A strange new era in the industry of craft beers is in full effect. New brews are everywhere, seemingly every day. Brewers are revered on the same plane as the once elusive chef or sommelier (and they should be, they are expert chemists after all). Craft breweries are churning out product with as much girth as the really big corporate boys. Girth I say! Well, maybe not industrial-sized girth, but spreading a local brand beyond their Southern California county borders girth. C'est la getting bought out by a big conglomerate! 

We have a Firestone Walker outside the 805, bro. A Ballast Point in California's hot new wine region and the LBC, where Beachwood BBQ has been fighting the good fight... 

Golden Road says, "Hold my beer."

One of the most original OG Los Angeles craft breweries, who now has oodles of capital and a travel show thanks to AB InBev, is not just pouring beer in neighboring Orange County (cardinal sin), but is moving across the street from Angel Stadium (walk-off home run sin) and into a new, girthy facility with visual notes of... An Ikea with a playground? An über progressive tech start up? A pre-game Disneyland? I don't know, I can't quite put my finger on it. 

Portfolio building at its finest!

Will expanding into someone else's territory be better for business and the brand? Absolutely. Gettin' your money is always a good thing, especially after years and years of blood and sweat building something from scratch. Will they win over the locals who get high quality sauced in the local taprooms still pouring in their primordial, business park warehouses before games? No. Will they win over the informed drinker who knows what's core? Knows who's core? Knows a true craft beer experience from a craft beer gimmick? Maybe. They might need girth pills to solve that problem.

Original images provided by LA Eater and Amazon.com

Tim Maher