Top 4 Concert Pregame Spots In LA.

Ahhhh, there's nothing like slamming an ice cold beverage whilst rocking out to your favorite musical act. You know the feeling. Surrounded by throngs of boho chic, leather, and skin tight jeans, jumping around semi aimlessly while you protect your 12$ cocktail investment, ready join the pit if someone bumps into you again. Sonic zest at its finest! Thankfully, pregaming and after hours will never go out of style, and LA has some of the best next door bars that will allow you to sneak in a few uncontested drinks before the opening act goes on.

Blue Palms Brewpub

Close to: The Fonda.

How close: Literally in the same building.

Why its in the Top 4: You could consume a cocktail whilst rocking out to bands like Tennis that will never be worth the opulent price tag, or you can beer it up 20 steps away before the show. Like really beer it up, with some killer IPAs, barrel-aged surprises, and a Prime Rib French Dip. 

The Rainbow Room

Close to: The Roxy. The Viper Room and Whiskey a Go Go are also within walking distance.

How close: Right next door. 

What's so cool about it: It's a piece of LA music history. Keith Moon, Steven Tyler, John Lennon, Neil Diamond, and of course, Lemmy, were all regulars here. And the glorious, yet grimy vibe they helped build can still be felt there today if you fancy a pre or postgame Jack and Coke with a round of video poker mixed in. Lemmy would be proud of you! 

The Resident

Close to: The Resident.

How close: On the premises. 

What's with the Airstream trailer: You mean the bar? That's where you order drinks from at The Resident, and boi oh boi is it awesome! This spot has soared into the upper ranks of bars you have to check out in the bustling Arts District with its well curated drink list, killer bar eats, and under the radar live music events. Get down there this Saturday for Daft Brunch!

Beer Belly

Close to: The Wiltern

How Close: 1.5 blocks

Do they have anything other than beer: Yes. They do have wine available. You're going to want to get a beer though. As mentioned above, why would you spend 10$ on a Stella at the show when you can get a beer from one of the best tap lists in the city? Scarfing down some duck fat fries for some quick energy prior to Grizzly Bear's set time is always recommended!

Tim Maher