How To: Make A Rob Roy.

Whenever I have a night off, but still feel like doing research to keep my tasting muscles fully staunched, I always come back to this cocktail without a coherent reason why. Maybe because Manhattan's are too hip now? Maybe because it's too cold for G&T's? Maybe I like Roy? Perhaps the answer has been lost with the Appletini craze.

What I do know is that this classic cocktail never disappoints. For several reasons: 

1) It's consistently considered a perfect cocktail (an equal balance of sweetness and dryness).

2) You don't need a bunch of crazy ingredients. If you have a home bar, are looking to start one, or just want to entertain with a different beverage, you can find everything at nearly every liquor store.

3) It can be crafted without water or ice. Giving it a modern, and more environmentally conscious twist.

Need I say more?

The Rob Roy

1.5oz scotch (Your choice, however complementing with the liqueurs you use works best. Ex: Single malt & bold liqueurs, blended scotch & delicate/balanced liqueurs.)

0.5oz red/sweet vermouth

0.5oz white/dry vermouth

Dash of orange bitters

Lemon zest (Zested away from the cocktail)

Mix everything together in a glass and stir vigorously. Enjoy up or on the rocks! 

Tim Maher